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Be an Individual

Don’t have time to worry about the rest of the world?  No problem. 

Just worry about yourself.  This can change the world.

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Earth’s challenges for survival seem overwhelming.  At the same time, a person naturally strives to improve their own personal space acting for self-interests.  The reptilian brain propels us to improve where we live, whether in a Tiny Home in Oregon, a large estate in the Hamptons or a rickshaw in Bangladesh.   This drive is born from love of family, love of one’s personal sanctuary, survival, love of living. 

If each individual acts to enhance their own personal environment in a self-serving yet “conscious manner,” our bio-sphere is actually improved.  All of us moving forward as aware individuals (not necessary caring so much about others) creates a ground swell that can cause the world to survive, even flourish.

We at FutureSpace Solutions are about showing processes of environmental empowerment.  How to selfishly (or unselfishly) make your own personal environment better.  How to live a higher quality of life and do it more efficiently (save money) with a lighter footprint.  Be secure, happy, living outrageously at whatever scale you are in life.

So, what’s next?  How is a person empowered to take intelligent, transforming steps with their environment and their lifestyle?

FutureSpace solutions subscribes to the idea that your environment and lifestyle are inescapably tied together.  If your environment is not supportive to your being; its difficult to live well.  A great lifestyle is well served by the springboard of a great place to live.

Discover our open-source library of road maps by which individuals can improve their personal spaces, creating enriching lifestyles.   In these personal (sometimes self-oriented) endeavors, everyone is an architect that together – wittingly or unwittingly – align to a global ground swell.  Such a ground swell changes the world.

Giving away essential information such as how to build homes like the GEOTEC. Its also a place for kindred spirits to come together to share conscious lifestyles.  If you’ve got great ideas, come share them and we’ll help you give them away also!  If you just have questions . . . we  may have life changing answers.

We have time to worry about the rest of the world.  Join the movement to embark on a trip that demonstrates in effusive colors a world of change.  Meet with us virtually or in person at the heartbeat of FutureSpace Solutions in Panorama Pass, Morongo Valley, CA 92256.

Twenty minutes from Palm Springs and twenty minutes from Joshua Tree National Park.